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IVA Productions has the ability to tell your story with care and creativity through imagery, video, and audio. Born with a narrative purpose, we create and present high-quality stories that you will be proud of and that will inspire your audience to connect.

Your story in the hands of your audience

In a time when the devices in our hands allow us to experience extremely rich content anywhere and at any time, your brand needs a voice that is both engaging and clear to navigate through the noise.

IVA Productions creates content with clarity and purpose, connecting your audience to your brand through authentic storytelling.

Combining technology, visual composition, creative energy and a strategic focus, we breathe life into customer centric messages for your brand. IVA Productions sees the world through a creative lens and brings the richest mediums into focus to tell your story.

Having trouble reaching the target?

IVA Productions uses industry-leading technology to capture content from unique perspectives and leverages the full 360˚ marketing capabilities of parent company NowMedia Group to connect powerful content with your target audience.

“We are storytellers, whether through the eye of a journalist as KelownaNow.com, a marketer with Csek Creative or through a cinematic lens with IVA Productions, the common thread is that we tell stories that connect our clients to their audience.” says Jim Csek, COO & CFO of NowMedia Group.

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Everyone has a story that needs to be told in way that provides clarity to your audience as to who you are, what you do and what you aspire to do.

We are a collection of storytellers with diverse skillsets that come together to bring your story to life.

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