With Keith Eisenkrein's background in masonry and repairing woodpecker damage on exterior walls, he came up with a solution that not only fixes the damage, but prevents woodpeckers from pecking holes in the first place. One of prospective clients' main concerns was that they were doubful his system would work. 

As a team of professional videographers, Keith trusted IVA Productions with telling his business story from start to now, utilizing past client testimonials.



We needed to rebrand our logo and come up with a slogan, website, and marketing plan.

They rebranded us with the most amazing logo and branding that you could possibly get anywhere, and we wouldn’t change it. We use the new logo on all of our trailers, our trucks and our equipment. We do a lot of hoodies, t-shirts, pens and stickers as well because it’s very catchy.

The communication was excellent, they’re very receptive and very creative. The things they came up with I could never have imagined coming up with on my own.

I did talk to a few other marketing companies and they gave us a few examples but they were just so far behind what Csek Creative could offer us. All of the different marketing tools they have offered us have definitely put us on the map in Western Canada, parts of the United States, and now we're moving out into Eastern Canada.

If you want marketing, if you want rebranding done, if you want a good slogan, these are the people to call and talk to. I would highly recommend them.  

- Keith Eisenkrein, Founder of EIFS Armour

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